Contract law

Since time immemorial any contract is considered as the document to secure and assure the rights and obligations of those parties which signed the agreement. This core function of the treaty is still operative, but it became much more difficult to draft a contract due to great number of laws regulating the treaty’s clauses. As any law is permanently subject to adjustments, amendments and republications, the drafting process proves to be full of complexities and pitfalls.

Nowadays many legal entities and individuals draft contracts of any category by using contracts templates, only entering a company name, names of the parties signing the agreement, and the required dates, numbers and amounts. Not surprisingly, after doing this, representatives of both parties or one of them find themselves unhappy with the results of business relations in the cooperation process in the future. Each contract - is a unique act of the law that requires an individual approach and consideration of the many personal circumstances. In order to avoid the problems related to the treaty obligations, especially if the contract is drawn up between large-scale business entities, or provides for a sufficiently large amount of money agreed upon as compensation for services rendered, which are also stated in the contract, it is of the utter importance to consider all peculiarities of cooperation process when drafting the contract.

All the details and nuances of proper preparation, correction, analysis, expertise, amendments and termination of all categories and types of contracts just do lawyers practicing in the field of contract law.

The Legal Bureau “Natalia Onishko and Partners” is ready to provide any services related to contract law matters.

According to common practice, a large number of cases where the contracts was drafted improperly making it null and void, caused great financial losses, time delays and other unpleasant consequences after the error was detected. In order to avoid such unfavorable results, the lawyers of our Bureau will provide you with the following services: 


Drafting of contracts of various types (purchase agreement, supply agreement, lease agreement, the contract of carriage of goods, agency agreement, mortgage agreement, commission agreement, etc.). The service includes the drafting of the contract with all peculiarities and the parties’ arrangements duly considered.

Analyzing and reviewing the contract to identify its compliance or non-compliance with the provisions of law (further corrections and amendments of the contract to meet the requirements of the contract, if necessary).

Making amendments to any agreements, including any required amendments and additions.
Developing a package of agreements.

Representing the parties’ interests in the drafting, amending and termination processes of the contract.

Settling the contract law disputes according to out-of-court procedure or at court.

Preparing and submitting the claims, complaints one of the parties in relation to another to the court.

Law enforcement to conclude the contract, if provided for by the law in a particular situation.

And other services required.

By addressing the Bureau’s lawyers specializing in contract law, you will protect yourself from unwanted financial, time and other type of losses.