Ownership right defence

Many believe that they themselves can defend their own rights and present their interests in court. This is a delusion, which in some cases is fatal.

Court, when delivering a judgment, is only guided by those evidence presented to the court and examined by it. A judgment delivered by court is not based on compassion, pity, sympathy or emotion. In a case of failure to properly conduct a civil case or unfavorable court decision, there will be no second chance to prove anything.

It is therefore important to remember that if the need to go to the court arises, the proper conduct of the case in court, well-formed documents, a claim or defense, backed up by the necessary evidence are tickets to success, i.e. judgment delivered in your favor. It is up to you to decide whether to conduct a lawsuit in a court on your own or consult a qualified professional. The lawyers of our Bureau can provide necessary legal assistance by conducting your case at the following stages: pre-trial preparation of the case, negotiations between the parties on the merits of the dispute in order to settle the dispute out of court, the proceedings in the trial, appeal, cassation and supervisory instances.