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Attorneys and lawyers of Onishko, Morozov and Partners law firm have been rendering qualified legal assistance to both legal entities and individuals since 1993. When rendering legal assistance the Firm's employees are primarily guided by the interests of the Principal and the law, ensuring high quality of work and complete confidentiality of the information and documents received, which allows achieving the most effective result for the Principal.

Since our formation, we have been developing a philosophy based on the principles of maximum awareness of the client's interests, with a particular emphasis on providing a wide range of legal assistance.

We have managed to assemble a team of professionals capable of selecting the best option for resolving a conflict situation.

Flexibility and efficiency in our work allows us to solve clients' problems faster and more productively than in other, larger companies.

The key to success in the work of our team is the client's trust.

Clients always get more from our work than they pay for it. for it.

Chief Executive Officer Khodova N. V.

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We are passionate about our work and achieve the best, unique results by working together! Each of us is part of a team focused on creating value for our clients!
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Khodova Natalia Vadimovna
Morozov Leonid Ivanovich
Aleksakov Vadim Vadimovich
Neumann Christina
Morozova Tatiana Alexandrovna
Kamennaya Natalya Anatolievna
Kareva Julia Valerievna

Our principals

The Advocate bureau can recommend auditors, experts, appraisers and consultants for more effective case management, which, combined with legal support, provides a comprehensive solution to many problems.
Commercial legal entities:
  • Group of companies ASVT JSC
  • Transaero Airlines
  • Sheremetyevo International Airport
  • SCV All-Russian Exhibition Center
Non-profit and public organizations:
  • Moscow English Club
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • ANO Zolotaya Maska
  • RAMT
  • Moscow State "Theatre on Pokrovka"
  • E. Mironov Charitable Foundation for Theater Initiatives
Structures of the Government of the Russian Federation:
  • Department of City Property
  • Vasco Company (CIS)
  • Pro-Germa M Company
  • Company Antikvar-Metropol
  • Novikov Group of companies

Interesting cases

Tenant protection case
In 2001, the Moscow City Property Department filed a claim against Tenant "S" (the Respondent) for termination of the lease agreement, recovery of rent payments at the rates specified in the agreement and interest.
A case to protect a company from hostile takeover
During the case, the Law Firm proved that Logovaz (President and Owner - Boris Berezovsky) had purchased 12% of Transaero shares in violation of antimonopoly laws.
A case for protection of ownership rights
In 2002, N LLC (the plaintiff) took legal action against the Moscow Registration Office to invalidate the act of state registration of title to non-residential premises performed by the Moscow Committee for Registration of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions with It to the subject of the Russian Federation - the city of Moscow.
Case for recovery of costs under an investment contract
Over the period from 2011 to 2013, about 600 investment contracts were terminated by the Moscow City Government. The Moscow City Government terminated about 600 investment contracts, which resulted in almost the same number of claims from investors for reimbursement of costs. The Moscow City Arbitrazh Court has satisfied only 14 claims for compensation of expenses incurred during two years (2012-2013). One of these claims was filed by LLC A represented by the Firm's attorneys-at-law.

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Deviation from the equality of shares of spouses
As of September 1, the court now has the right to deviate from the equality of the spouses' shares if one of them has reduced the common property in bad faith, including selling it on unfavorable terms without the partner's consent. This is possible even if the court did not apply the consequences of the invalidity of the transaction at the request of the other spouse.
09 January 2022
How debtors can protect their only home
The Association of Lawyers of Russia reminded that the only housing is protected from foreclosure. Even in bankruptcy it cannot be taken away. However, in practice sometimes situations arise when it is necessary to prove that the housing is the only one.
24 October 2023
The owner of a plot without a dwelling does not have to pay for waste removal
A very interesting, and most importantly - useful interpretation of the law was made by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation when it studied the dispute about payment for garbage collection at the dacha. More precisely, about the charge for garbage collection. Or as it is officially called now - solid municipal waste.
08 November 2022